About RicksFit

Rick GreeneI wanted to create a site where people could find straight forward information they could trust. While at the same time, make it simple and effective for everyone.

Fitness has become very confusing over the last decade with so many different types of programs.out there. We have fell into an era of too many choices and forgotten it’s really about change in lifestyle not just another fad diet or program for 30 days. I challenge you to join me and follow my blog and hopefully you will find straight forward science based information, that will help you achieve real change for a truly healthy lifestyle

Follow, first hand as I experiment and investigate the latest fitness trends to see what is fact and what is hype. It’s gonna be a Rick OZ kinda thing ūüôā

It will be an ongoing journey to help save time and money…. ¬†.

I have been training for over 25 years as well as a¬†certified personal trainer – I won the 1996 drug tested Supernatural North Carolina heavyweight ¬†I have been an educator and trainer for 12 years. ¬†I definitely don’t claim to be an expert on all¬†disciplines¬†of fitness.¬†However, I will continue to educate myself by pursuing the latest science based research on nutrition, supplementation, anti aging and current fitness trends.

Mission statement-  Make it simple and effective cutting out all the guess work.